The Green Roots Travel team is driven by and intense passion for traveling.

At Green Roots Travel, we encourage everyone to take a break from the "rat-race" and re-nourish their spirits with an authentic and fascinating vacation.

Our exclusive tailor-made journeys in Brazil offer unforgettable and authentic experiences for every traveler. We take care of all the details, so you can enjoy in a short period what would take years for you to discover on your own. As our guest, we help you to explore Brazil more like a local and less like a tourist.

Our Brazil Travel Specialists serve as your personal concierge with insider access to Brazil's most stunning destinations. Through our exclusive tailor-made vacations, Green Roots Travel introduces you to the Brazilian people and the country they call home. We design each itinerary to cater to your specific travel needs.

After getting to know you, we recommend which cities, hotels, activities, restaurants, and unique experiences that will best match your travel style. You are in good hands and your journey is stress free!

At Green Roots Travel we provide authentic travel experiences that are not mass-produced. We take travel back to its roots, where mingling with the locals is the norm. Your adventure is enhanced by our knowledgeable local guides and Cultural Ambassador.

Are you inspired by exploring new cultures, appreciate natural beauty, and love the outdoors? Then you have come to the right place! After years of extensive research throughout Brazil, Green Roots Travel will share its remarkable destinations with you.

From lounging in five star hotels to backpacking in the wilderness, our Green Roots Travel Team has done it all. Our Brazil Travel Specialists have visited each hotel and hand picked the best experiences in every destination. We will never send you anywhere that we have not personally enjoyed ourselves.

Our sustainable tourism practices benefit the local communities you visit, and leave you with a greater understanding of the culture and its people. We create inspiring and distinct travel experiences that capture the best of Brazil.

Brazil is an extraordinary country to visit with astounding natural beauty. Perhaps the best part about this colorful land is the infectious happiness that emanates from the Brazilian people. You can feel the heartbeat of the country in the smiles of each person you meet!

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Erika Cunha

Erika's roots began at the architecturally futuristic capital of Brazil, Brasilia. One of the first generations to grow up in the planned city, she came to the USA with her family as a teenager. After bringing many friends to Brazil she decided it was time to share her country with others too!

A passionate Cultural Ambassador, she loves to rave about Brazil and wants to share all its wonders with you. A self-professed "foodie", Erika has a weakness for trying diverse cuisine and knows all the best restaurants in Brazil.

Melanie Cain

A native of Florida, Melanie's travel roots began with vacations in the family RV across North America and Europe. Her travels have taken her to over 30 countries in five continents and she is always craving more. In 2001 she visited Brazil for the first time and instantly fell in love.

Since then she has lived in Brazil off and on and cannot seem to get enough! She is a budding photographer and travel writer. Melanie is happiest with her toes in the sand on the endless beaches in Brazil.