July 8, 2011

Off the beaten path – Praia da Pipa, Brazil

Summer is here and many of us are dreaming of endless stretches of beaches to relax and enjoy the sunshine.  Well, with the longest continuous coastline in the world, Brazil is the ideal beach haven for travelers!

Luckily, Brazil is a year round vacation destination. The seasons in Brazil are reversed from those of the Northern Hemisphere.  So right now it is “winter” in Brazil.  But since the northeast of the country is within 3 degrees of the equator, the weather in this region is always very warm and tropical.

Welcome to the stunning tropical northeast of Brazil!

One of my absolute favorite destinations in the northeast of Brazil is called Praia da Pipa, which means “Kite Beach”.  Just a few decades ago, the first visitors here were surfers in search of perfect waves and a simple life.  But, rumors of its paradisiacal location and laid-back atmosphere inevitably lead to Pipa’s discovery by more lovers of authentic travel in Brazil.

Praia da Pipa boasts incredible scenery from every angle.

Located about an hours drive south of the city of Natal, this once small fishing village has grown into a charming beachside town drawing international tourists from all walks of life.   Natal’s airport receives daily flights from Europe and all of Brazil’s major cities.

While Pipa’s inviting beach vibe is hardly a secret, it is still very much off of the mainstream tourists path.  There are only a few roads that will lead you through the village of Tibau do Sul to get there.  But if you’re not good at reading signs in Portuguese, then I suggest you hire one of the friendly local guides to help you find your way.

Pipa is known as a global village and you will meet travelers from all over the world at the main beach.

Have your camera ready because the scenery here is stunning and will leave you with you mouth temporarily agape. Your first impression of Pipa is from the west looking down from the blazing pink sandstone cliffs topped with lush green vegetation.  Far below you emerald green waves lap against endless soft sandy beaches.  So much adventure and relaxation awaits you while traveling in Brazil!

Take a paragliding adventure and experience Pipa from above!

Pipa is an outdoor lovers paradise boasting great surf conditions, calm pools for snorkeling, perfect winds for kite surfing, tropical nature trails for hiking, and even its very own Ecological Nature Reserve.  Every day presents a new opportunity to discover a different deserted Brazilian beach.

Pipa’s Praia do Amor or ‘Beach of Love’ is great for surfing and relaxing.

Keep your eyes open for the local dolphins that call this coastline home.  Check the tide tables and take an early morning hike to the Praia dos Golfinhos (Dolphin Beach) where you can swim with the dolphins as they play in the early morning surf.  You can hire a dune buggy to escape on your own over the practically endless supply some of Brazil’s best beaches.  Then take a traditional Brazilian schooner cruise in the evening to watch the sunset melt into the ocean.

Sunset at the entrance to the village of Tibau do Sul just north of Pipa.

Praia da Pipa’s character is both charming and unique.  Its cobblestone streets wind up from the beach passing cafes, inns, and boutique shops.  There is no shortage of great dining options here.  Pipa has drawn such an eclectic group of inhabitants that the restaurant scene is surprisingly good for such a small out of the way town.  You can experience regional Brazilian food, as well as a variety of international cuisine.  Pipa is actually host to the international Gastronomy Festival drawing more than 1,000 participants every October.

Your hammock awaits!

Whether you are looking for a luxury boutique hotel for a romantic escape, or if an eco-friendly guesthouse is more your style, Pipa has it all.

The perfect way to end a day of hiking along the coast is to sunbath poolside with champagne in hand.

I am almost afraid to let the secret of Praia da Pipa out! But alas, a place as special as this must be shared.  Let Green Roots Travel plan your Brazil travel, so that you too can enjoy this enchanting coastal village.

What are you waiting for? Come experience Praia da Pipa with Green Roots Travel!
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June 21, 2011

Oi! from Brazil and Green Roots Travel!

Brazil is the ultimate South American vacation destination.  With so many beautiful places to choose from, it’s often hard to decide where to go.  What are the best places to visit in Brazil?  This is where the Green Roots Travel team steps in!

My first visit to Brazil was in 2001 with my co-founder of Green Roots Travel, and Brazilian guide, Erika Cunha.  I was instantly hooked!  Over the last decade, my love for everything Brazilian has grown exponentially with every trip.

It is an enchanting destination and Green Roots Travel is your source for authentic travel experiences in Brazil!  We meticulously plan your holiday, so you can discover Brazil’s culture and natural beauty through tailor made trips and eco-friendly adventures.   We get to know your travel tastes first, and our Brazil travel specialists personally create your unique itinerary.  If you want to experience Brazil like a local and less like a tourist, you have come to the right place!  Let Green Roots Travel design your ideal Brazil vacation.

So, let me introduce myself…Melanie, your Brazil travel specialist!

With our Green Roots Travel Blog, I will share all of the wonders of Brazil through the eyes of an outdoor loving, adventure seeking, luxury hotel and eco-lodge dwelling, experienced and enthusiastic travel expert in Brazil.  I have been there and done that, and cannot wait to share my Brazil travel tips with you!  Our Brazil travel blog gives you the inside scoop on Brazil’s best adventures, off the beaten path places, unique Brazil tours, food, top Brazil hotels, and everything to love about holidays in Brazil!

Stay tuned for more exciting info about Brazil!

Happy Travels!


Brazil Travel Specialist

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